For powder metallurgical sintering processes, the powdery starting material is first pressed into the desired shape in the tool of a powder press. The pressed part thus formed, also called the green part, is then sintered in the furnace according to a specific temperature curve in order to achieve the final hardness and strength and to obtain the final component.

In order to ensure a constant quality of the products, corresponding tests are necessary. The density of the components is particularly suitable for this. The density, measured in g/cm³, indicates how much material is contained in a certain volume. It is therefore possible to check whether the measured part contains the right amount of material to achieve the desired properties. The density can be determined using various methods, but the most accurate statements are still possible with a correctly executed density determination according to Archimedes' principle. However, as the complexity of components and tools increases, so do the demands on density determination. 

Particularly in the case of multi-stage moulds that can produce components with several levels from powder, it is important to check whether the desired target density has been achieved in different component segments. Here, the automation of density determination not only offers an advantage in the accuracy of the results, but also in the speed of this important quality check.


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Density determination from the pressed part to the sintered product

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