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Automated density determination in additive manufacturing

Born from an idea  

It all began with the idea of propelling Archimedes' manual process of density determination into the present day. From a customer request, the world's first system for automated density determination was born through a spirit of innovative development.

 Our motivation 

Dimensionics Density is part of Dimensionics GmbH, founded in 2010, and with a proud heritage in developing measuring and testing technologies. As such, Dimensionics Density is able to draw on the strength and expertise of a global measurement technology specialist that sets standards in the field, with a focus on high-quality off-the-shelf or fully customised and completely automated measuring solutions.

Since its inception, Dimensionics has had a complete focus on customer success, and this expertise and passion to succeed is also the hallmark of Dimensionics Density, which has a total focus on developing innovative solutions for the measurement of part density, vital for the validation of parts produced on an array of AM technology platforms.



We are at your disposal for any questions


Density determination is a problem throughout industry but has a particular resonance for AM parts which are made layer-by-layer and can in some instances be prone to problems with porosity.

The increase in demand for the development of automated density determination technologies from those companies using AM as a production tool led to the launch of Dimensionics Density as a spin-off company. The company has optimised the design of its solutions to enhance the control of measurements and to allow greater flexibility of application, and continuous technology development enables us to guarantee the best possible support for our customers in their manufacturing endeavours.

Dimensionics Density’s solutions have been optimised in terms of design, measurement and control to allow greater flexibility of application. As experts in density determination, our team advises in every aspect of density determination from initial design of the system according to precise customer requirements, all the way through to validation of the finished process. We see you as a partner and want you to benefit from our expertise and the experience of our experts honed over years of working in the top echelons of industry.


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