In-process density determination


Easy Density Measurement of Complex Geometries

The Dimensionics Density density determination solution is a metrological system which has been developed for the rapid and highly accurate density determination of components, and has a particular significance when analysing AM produced parts.


The density determination occurs with an accuracy of up to 0.001 g/cm³. This is achieved by combining the time-proven Archimedean principle with the latest automation technology and laboratory-standard precision scales.

The measuring process takes place fully automatically after the samples have been inserted into the universal component carriers. A monitoring takes place through the integrated measurement and control systems, and numerous environmental factors are also taken into account. This allows accuracies to be achieved in the determination of the density which cannot generally be realised in an industrial production environment.

The density of the test object is determined by weighing it in two different media. The first measurement is usually made in air, the second measurement in a defined liquid medium with a known density.

Density XS V2.1269



Maximum precision for more safety

The crucial factor for the accuracy of the result is the positioning on the scale. Deviations from the centre of mass and resulting off-centre measurements of the component will lead to strong deviations.

To counteract this problem and to ensure the repeatability of the measurements, Dimensionics Density offers specially developed inserts for the universal component carriers for each component type. These are adapted to the workpiece to be inspected and can be integrated manually without great effort. The determined density can be compared with the specifications of the CAD model. In this way, qualitatively more accurate assumptions can be made about the density of complex components.

With a cycle time of less than 3 minutes per component and the possibility of inspecting up to 15 components simultaneously in one inspection process as standard, the Dimensionics Density solution offers users the option of optimising manufacturing processes and making them more efficient.

The production process becomes more transparent through continuous process monitoring and analysis of the measurement data obtained. As a result, the existing process can be made more resource-efficient and the quality of the products can be increased at the same time.

Density L V2.1366-1

Advantages of the system for production

Our Dimensionics Density platform offers numerous advantages for use in additive manufacturing and enables the user to
to further automate the whole process chain safely and effectively.

Precise & traceable measurement results

Repeatable and traceable green density (up to 0.001 g/cm³)

Short cycle time

Reduction of machine downtimes through density determination in less than 2 minutes

Use in manufacturing

The sealing platform is designed for use directly in the production environment

Automation options

Density can be integrated into existing processes and adapted through numerous extensions

Process parameterisation

Through the integration in the production you can parameterise your processes directly and immediately


Dimensionics Density supports you from the initial idea, through design to on-site commissioning. But we also support you as a partner.

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