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The density platform offers many industries the possibility to optimise their density determination process. The different challenges of each industry are made possible through individual adaptations. The determination of mass density is essential at many points in industrial production and quality control. Here Dimensionics Density GmbH sets new standards with an innovation. The company is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer the market a comprehensive system for automated density determination: DIMENSIONICS DENSITY.

The advantages of automation are obvious: far faster processes, highly accurate results thanks to the elimination of external disturbance variables, extreme repeatability and stable measuring processes independent of the worker. The system thus increases economic efficiency in production and quality control.


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Fields of application

Technical ceramics

You can find out more about determining the density of technical ceramics here.

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Powder Metal. Sintering

You can find more on the topic of density determination of PM components here.

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CIM & MIM processes

You can find more on the topic of density determination of CIM & MIM components here.

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Additive manufacturing

You can find more on the topic of density determination of additive components here.

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Every industry has its own challenges that need to be overcome. At Dimensionics Density, we specialise in finding the right solution for every application.

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The right solution for every application

Dimensionics Density is an expert in the field of automated density determination. Learn more about our systems, the advantages for your process and the possibilities that the integration of the density platform offers you.

We would like to share our experience with you. Benefit from our know-how and let us optimise your existing processes together.



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"With DIMENSIONICS DENSITY, we want to rethink the process of density determination. Our goal is to create a new standard with our partners that makes processes safer and more effective. We are convinced that our systems will live up to this claim."
Jan Wenzel
Founder of Dimensionics Density GmbH

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