Versatility in the application

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY is designed for use in a production environment and thus enables the inspection of components right on the shop floor. Due to its properties, it is of interest for various sectors in the economy and offers a variety of approaches to the topic of density determination.


Additive manufacturing

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY offers users the option of checking the density of their products without complex micrographs. In this way, even complex components and free forms (e.g. from 3D printing) can be examined without harming them with regard to their density, statements can be made about possible construction faults and the process can be readjusted to reduce costs. 



With the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY, both the products of metalworking and the raw material itself can be examined. For manufacturing processes, determining the density before processing the raw materials is crucial for setting further parameters. Thanks to DIMENSIONICS DENSITY, this process is carried out in a way that saves both time and resources.



Our technicians develop a wide variety of approaches for determining the density of green compacts. Software-based process control, the testing of various pre-treatments and the choice of measuring liquid are just a few examples of the individual adaptability of the system to your process. 


Medical technology

DIMENSIONICS DENSITY has already been successfully used in medical technology companies. The measurement and high-precision examination of implants is just one example of the numerous possible applications of DIMENSIONICS DENSITY. 



Further examples of applications

The range of applications is growing continuously and we are constantly receiving new enquiries from a wide variety of industries.
In the following, we will present some application examples. 


Automated instead of manual: Quality leap in the determination of the powder metallurgical density of green compacts

Quality assurance is crucial in powder metallurgy. With the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY scale, Dimensionics has launched a metrological system that prevents erroneous measurements and enables the density of a wide variety of components within a manufacturing environment to be determined quickly and highly accurately...


Market innovation – The fully automated determination of the density of complex components in the field of additive manufacturing

Market innovation – The fully automated determination of the density of complex components in the field of additive manufacturing 


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