DIMENSIONICS DENSITY – Tailor-made through individual adjustments

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY can be ideally adapted to your individual process through numerous expansion options. This allows the functionality of the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY to be expanded and facilitates integration into your operating processes. Benefit from our company's numerous developments or get yourself involved with your own enquiries. Our engineers look forward to your enquiry. 


Customising the system

Would you like the system to be adapted to your specific requirements profile? We customise your basic version of DIMENSIONICS DENSITY to suit your needs. Our team of innovative engineers is waiting for your task. 

Examples of customisation: 

  • Extension of the maximum component samples to be measured 

  • Extension of the range of samples (dimensions, weight) 

  • Reduction of the cycle time 

  • Integration of an overpressure lock 

  • Designing a stable-temperature measuring cabin 

  • Integration into upstream or downstream process flows 

  • Adaptation of the software to customer requirements 

  • Development of individual output formats 

  • Communication with higher-level ERP systems 

Individual component carrier

Components often have specific shapes. However, the component carriers must be individually adapted in order to avoid off-centre weighing for optimum measurement results. Our designers develop optimal inserts for each component, which can be integrated into our universal component carriers without great effort. 


Automated loading and unloading

To allow for the complete integration of the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY into your process, our company has developed a wide variety of approaches for fully automated loading and unloading. Talk to our developers and let us explore the possibilities of automation in your company together. 


Surfactant solution (subscription model)

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The in-house developed surfactant solution is optimised for all DIMENSIONICS DENSITY models. It prevents bubbles adhering to measurement samples and the associated measurement errors. The surfactant solution is distributed directly by Dimensionics Density GmbH and can also be offered individually as a subscription model. This means your company receives the necessary resources for a secure measurement process at set intervals. 


Mixing plant

Would you like to supply your plant with surfactant solution yourself? We also have the right solution for this: a mixing unit that is connected to the surfactant circuit of your DIMENSIONICS DENSITY. The components are added in the correct mixing ratio and an integrated dispersion unit ensures the ideal distribution of the surfactants within the solution. 



The high-precision laboratory scales react to even the finest charges in the air. This can lead to slight fluctuations in the measurement results. For maximum precision in density determination, we offer an optional ioniser for your system to guarantee an even more reliable result. 



The surfactant solution from Dimensionics Density GmbH prevents bubbles in the best possible way. However, there is always the risk that micro-bubbles will have a negative effect on the measurement result. To counteract this, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY can also be extended by a system for the detection of gas inclusions in the medium. A high-resolution camera monitors the medium. When microbubbles are detected, an ultrasonic pulse is sent to eliminate them completely. 


Contact us

Feel free to contact us directly for further advice or questions! Also make use of the option to send us some density cubes to be measured with the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY! We will be happy to help you and get back to you immediately.

info@dichtewaage.de   Phone +49 38208 821705


Simply download our DIMENSIONICS DENSITY product brochure.

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