DIMENSIONICS DENSITY – the right model for everyone

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY is currently available in 4 different standard designs. The individual versions are optimised for different tasks, but can be individually adapted and expanded to the different requirement profiles of our customers.

XS version:

Compact and user-friendly

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY XS is the smallest model in the range and offers high accuracy in a compact design. The XS version is designed for measuring small components with a simple structure and, after manual placement, can test up to 15 very small samples automatically. The system uses an innovative material handling concept to measure masses in air and other media with only one scale. The process corresponds to the procedure for manual workstations but, as it is fully automated, it is more reproducible and has a faster cycle time. Operating the system is very simple and has been optimised so that every worker can use it fully after receiving brief training. After manual placement by the worker with specially developed batteries as component carriers, further control of the measuring process is achieved via the user-friendly interface. Your worker has a complete overview of the process at all times.

S version:

Strong in random and individual measurements

Like the XS model, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY S uses only one scale, but offers the possibility of fully automated inspection of larger and more complex components. For this purpose, this version uses innovative component carriers that are suitable for every type of component thanks to individual inserts. This system is designed for the random measurement of components and accordingly has its focus in the area of individual measurement. The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY S is targeted at customers with low sample throughput who want to fully automate their processes without needing the requirements of the higher-class versions. This is also reflected in the price, meaning that the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY S can also be of interest for SMEs.

M version:

Ideal for laboratories with higher quantities

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY M combines the best features of the smaller models with the functions of the L model series. The 2 integrated scales guarantee greater flexibility and more dynamics for your process. The M model series offers ideal conditions for your process with up to 8 samples to be measured. The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY M relies on the innovative component carriers of the premium model. This enables comparable reproducibility of the measured values and thus a high process reliability. The precision and accuracy of the system is 0.01 g/cm³, which means that it does not reach the maximum precision of the L model, but it can win you over with its outstanding price and a more compact design. In addition, software elements from the Premium variant are used to monitor your process and fully guarantee a high level of process reliability. The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY M thus offers every customer the optimum working instrument for this area of application.

L version:

Premium version of the fully automatic density scale

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY L is the premium system and delivers the best results for your business with full process tracking and a wealth of features. This version is designed for high-precision, high-volume testing, up to 15 component tests in one measuring cycle as standard (this can be expanded). The low cycle time, high precision, numerous expansion options and the possibility of automatisation make the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY L the top model in the field of density determination. The system can achieve precision and accuracy of 0.001 g/cm³ and has the highest repeatability of all systems. This ensures maximum safety for your process. The complete software package for the control and configuration of your system is included. Stay up to date on your process thanks to integrated measured value documentation or simply implement new recipes in the user-friendly administrator area. The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY L offers you full process tracking.

4 versions of the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY: The benefits for you

  • Four strong basic models to suit your needs
  • Greater transparency and more security for your process
  • High flexibility: We adapt the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY standards exactly to your manufacturing process and requirements
  • Increase the quality of your products and your processes
  • Conserve resources by saving time, personnel and machine downtime
  • Increasing the efficiency of your production
  • Testing components on the shop floor
  • Recording statistics and logging processes for internal QM

Want to test the precision of our system? No problem! Make an enquiry, send us reference samples and convince yourself of the quality of our products.

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