Specialist and innovator for density determination in industry

The determination of mass density is essential at many points in industrial production and quality control. This is where Dimensionics Density GmbH sets new standards with its innovation. The company is the only manufacturer in the world to have a comprehensive system for density determination on the market: the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY.

The advantages of automatisation are obvious: far faster processes, highly accurate results thanks to the elimination of external disturbance variables, extreme repeatability and stable measuring processes independent of the worker. This means that the system increases efficiency in production and quality control.

Available in four versions and with numerous adaptation and expansion options, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY automatic density scale can be individually configured for every requirement and is of just as much interest for large-scale industry as it is for medium-sized companies.

During development, the engineers at Dimensionics Density GmbH thought about the greatest possible benefit for the user:

  • Top demands on the quality and precision of the results
  • Uncomplicated use of the density scales in a production environment
  • Simple, trouble-free use for the worker
  • A complete package of machine, process and data evaluation
  • Maximum flexibility for use in a wide range of industries and application scenarios



Frequently asked questions

Manual methods are common for density determination in industry. Different methods are used (density kits, micrographs, pycnometers), all of which are carried out manually by laboratory staff. In comparison, the density determination is significantly less time-consuming and is significantly more repeatable – especially compared to manual density kits, where the human factor has a large influence on the result.
Like manual methods, fully automatic density determination with DIMENSIONICS DENSITY also uses the classic Archimedean method. The functional principle is based on a Jolly balance. Two measurements are taken, one in air and one in liquid. The density is calculated from the volume and mass (relative method).
The green compact base material is crucial for the choice of the measuring method. One possibility is to pre-treat the component. In this process, porous components are sealed. It is important that the applied layer is effectively absorbed into the pores and that the volume change can be defined.
When measuring manually, this is done with elaborate micrographs. A faster and more reliable alternative is density measurement with the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY. It can examine the density of free forms and complex structural shapes automatically.
Yes. Dimensionics Density GmbH stands for maximum flexibility, and the same applies to our systems. In addition to the choice of four density scale models, we offer numerous customisation options and extensions. Our goal is to make your processes fully automated and reliable.
The accuracy depends on the model and some influencing parameters, but we currently put the maximum accuracy at 0.001 g/cm³.
The cycle time is currently 2 minutes for one measurement. The system can be expanded and adapted for smaller cycle times.

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Feel free to contact us directly for further advice or questions! Also make use of the option to send us some density cubes to be measured with the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY! We will be happy to help you and get back to you immediately.

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