Density determination – the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY scale

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY is the world's first fully automated system for determining the density of components in a production-related environment. The system impresses with high precision and speed as well as maximum flexibility and makes it possible for your products to be examined efficiently and cost-effectively.

Operating principle

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY uses the Archimedean principle: the buoyancy acting on a body immersed in liquid is equal to the weight of the quantity of liquid displaced by the body. Similar to a Jolly balance, which is often used for manual laboratory measurements for density determination, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY determines the required parameters weight and volume by measurements in air as well as in a liquid medium.

With manual methods, the accuracy of the density determination is affected by two factors. Firstly by the human factor. With the automated process used here, this source of error can be virtually eliminated. A precise gantry system makes the system highly repeatable, thus allowing your process to be reproduced. The second factor for uncertainties in the measurement process is the influence of the measuring equipment on the result. Dimensionics Density GmbH is working with an experienced partner who, as a global leader in the field of laboratory technology, has the necessary expertise.

Thanks to the combination of an innovative control concept and state-of-the-art system components, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY can reliably determine the density of even complex components and free forms from the field of additive manufacturing. The components are placed in a universal component carrier and transported to the installed position scales with the aid of a gantry system. An individual lift-out device ensures optimal positioning of the component to avoid eccentric loads on the scale. This guarantees optimal measurement results, with a precision and accuracy of up to 0.001g/cm³. We will even find the right approach for you for different component sample base materials.


  • Density determination in a production environment
  • Measurement of free forms and complex components
  • Density determination with an accuracy of up to 0.001 g/cm³
  • High cycle speed (2 min/measurement)
  • Control system for monitoring the environmental parameters
  • Fully automated data processing
  • Complex in-house algorithm
  • Approved for use in medical technology
  • Scalable and expandable system

Technical features

Targeted measures in the construction and design of the density scale mean the system is highly precise and will work reliably under even the most difficult conditions.

  • Insulation from external influences and pollution
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity in the system
  • Vibration damping against sound and mechanical vibrations
  • Precise positioning of components for high reproducibility and repeatability
  • High-precision measurement technology for optimum results
  • Fully automated surfactant circuit with level monitoring
  • Expandable in all areas

The measuring cell/measuring cabin

The measuring cell, closed scale casing, offers optimum protection from external influences. It prevents fluctuations in the measured values resulting from air movements and protects the system from impurities from the shop floor. By request, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY can be equipped with an airlock to completely isolate the system from the outside. The entire system is vibration-damped and prevents sound or mechanical vibrations from being transmitted to the system. Thus, the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY delivers reliable and reproducible results, even under severe conditions close to the machine. The system can also be expanded with an ioniser. This discharges the measuring cell, prevents interference with the measuring technology and thus ensures even more stable measurements.

Measurement technology

High-precision laboratory scales optimised for the automated system are used to weigh the components. Its accuracy matches the high standard of leading systems for manual density determination, but the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY sets a new standard in the areas of repeatability and reproducibility of results. The main reason for this is the elimination of the human factor. In addition, environmental parameters that can influence the final result are measured and included in the density determination.

For example, temperature fluctuations in the cell and basin as well as the prevailing air pressure are monitored and applied to the measurement result via correlation equations in the software.

Liquid circuit

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY works with various liquids that are crucial for the wet measurement of a component. A surfactant solution specially developed for this application, which prevents the formation of bubbles on the components, thus providing highly accurate results, is used in the main. Alcohols and oils can be used as further liquids. The base material of the component to be measured is crucial for the choice of medium.

The basin filling process is fully automated, no matter what the liquid is. The intervals for replacing the medium can be set up individually. When filling, a sensor checks the fill level of the basin and automatically adjusts to ensure a defined liquid volume.

Two expansions can be installed: A mixing unit enables the surfactant solution to be produced in-house and provides more flexibility. A system for the detection and destruction of micro-bubbles fulfils the requirement of process optimisation and guarantees more accuracy as well as higher reproducibility of your measurement results.


The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY software was developed in-house and offers the user the optimal conditions for intuitive use of the system. The entire process is controlled via the HMI panel in user-friendly menus. The software offers the user numerous features.

  • Process monitoring and recording of environmental parameters
  • Preparation and processing of all measured values
  • Complete process traceability
  • Documentation of the results and the production
  • Create your own formulae for different component types
  • Integrated user ID with different skills


The measurement process is fully automated after confirmation by the inspector, either as a single measurement or multiple measurements.*1 The installed measurement technology records various influencing parameters which are processed by integrated algorithms. The results can be compared with stored formulae with regard to their tolerances and evaluated as working / not working parts. Testing different types of components within multiple measurements is also no problem.

Select the appropriate formula for each component individually and have the data output afterwards.

*1 An exception here is the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY S (only single measurements)

Data processing and reports

The determined values are processed and output in individual reports. Communication to higher-level ERP systems enables complete process integration, data exchange between systems and further processing of your measurement data for quality management. Get an overview of process developments in the characteristics history and thus react more quickly to negative developments in your production process. Optimal quality control is the most important premise for us.

User ID

Logging on to the system is easy and done using a scanner. The integrated user ID makes it possible to assign staff different skills and to enable or block functions depending on the user profile. The system administrator can customise these rights and integrate new employees into the system. This guarantees the highest level of safety for your processes.

Administrator area

In addition to user administration, this area allows the administrator to configure the system. For example, measurement formulae for components can be created and managed, cleaning and filling intervals can be set and process parameters can be defined. The user-friendly HMI offers many options for adapting the process to the individual requirements of your company thanks to its intuitive controls. Each software customisation is checked by us in advance and discussed with you.

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