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Developing innovations in the field of density measurement

It all started with an enquiry. One of the world’s leading technical ceramics companies wanted to replace the manual density testing of its products with an automated system to relieve the existing laboratory and create greater transparency for the process. The enquiry came to us, the Dimensionics GmbH, the ideal partner for developing this. 

As specialists in the field of specialised engineering with a focus on measurement technology and automation, we were able to meet these high requirements thanks to engineering skills, numerous hours of development and close consultation with partners from a wide range of sectors. DIMENSIONICS DENSITY was integrated into a manufacturing process as the world's first system for fully automatic density determination. 

Further development from prototype to standard system

The potential of the system quickly became clear to those responsible. Market research and discussions with companies showed how complex the problem of density determination is in a wide range of industries. The demand for an automated solution was high and the interested parties numerous. The task was then to optimise the existing system and develop it from a prototype into a fully-fledged standard system. 

The DIMENSIONICS DENSITY was optimised in terms of design, measurement and control to allow greater flexibility of application. Pre-treatments of components were tested; various liquids were tested for specific applications and customisation of the component carriers for the most diverse measurement objects was expedited. The numerous developments have enabled our technicians to fully develop their expertise in the field of density determination in order to guarantee you the best possible support as experts today. 

Spin-off of a separate company

The growing interest and the desire of our customers for optimal support led to the foundation of the spin-off company Dimensionics Density GmbH. As specialists, our technicians will be happy to give you advice on all aspects of density determination. Our team will support your company, starting with designing the system according to your requirements all the way through to validating the finished process. We see you as a partner and want you to benefit from our expertise and the experience of our experts. 

Have we piqued your interest? Then please feel free to take advantage of the option to send us some density cubes to be measured with the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY. Be convinced of the quality of DIMENSIONICS DENSITY. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Jan Wenzel

„With DIMENSIONICS DENSITY, we want to rethink the process of density determination. Our goal is to create a new standard with our partners that makes processes safer and more effective. We are convinced that our systems live up to this aspiration.“

Jan Wenzel | Managing Partner

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Feel free to contact us directly for further advice or questions! Also make use of the option to send us some density cubes to be measured with the DIMENSIONICS DENSITY! We will be happy to help you and get back to you immediately.

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